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More links for Gwendolyn Brooks

Library of Congress interview 1986

Lincoln Academy interview 1977

A 1967 interview with Gwendolyn Brooks

Gwendolyn Brooks reads her poems aloud (including "The Mother")

Gwendolyn Brooks Reading (intro poem by Haki R. Madhubuti)

"The Golden Shovel," Terrance Hayes

Introduction: The Golden Shovel

Roy DeCarava at MOMA

Gordon Parks Foundation

Bruce Davidson, East 100th Street

The Sweet Flypaper of Life (Roy DeCarava and Langston Hughes)

More on James Baldwin

Film versions

Go Tell It On the Mountain

If Beale Street Could Talk (Trailer)



Slavery and Revenge, John Kerrigan

James Baldwin and Chinua Achebe’s Forgotten Conversation About Beauty, Morality, and the Political Power of Art


Letter From A Region In My Mind

The Glow from The Fire Next Time



Eddie S. Glaude Jr., As Much Truth as We Can Bear: James Baldwin and Our America

Achebe and Baldwin (audio)

Reading James Baldwin Now

Baldwin on the Dick Cavett Show

Links related to our discussion on Emerson

Here are links related to our discussions on Emerson:

Stanford Encyclopedia -- Transcendentalism

Stanford Encyclopedia — Ancient Theories of Soul

Concise outline by U Idaho Prof. Nick Gier

A comparison of Platonic and Judeo-Christian concepts (1958 MA Thesis by Lester Newman)

The Dial

White Shaman Mural (TexasCoopPower)

White Shaman (Texas Observer)

White Shaman (Discover Magazine)