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Amy Bloom and Away

Some links for getting to know Bloom:
Amy Bloom at the Washington Post on The Writing Life (video)
More video at Bloom's page for Away (scroll down)
Amy Bloom's website and the page for Away
Robert Birnbaum interviews Bloom at The Morning News
Interview with Bloom at Ready When You Are

Reviews of Away by:
Janet Maslin for the New York Times
Louisa Thomas for the New York Times
Ron Charles at the Washington Post
Richard Wallace for the Seattle Times
Natasha Walter for the Guardian
Maureen Corrigan at NPR (audio)

Follow up links for La Medusa

 Links to follow-up on our discussion of La Medusa:

More discussions with Vanessa Place:
Les Figues Press

On the mythological figure of the Medusa:
Medusa in Myth and Literary History
(excellent overview of sources, commentary, and images)

On the literary device of ekphrasis:
Notes on Ekphrasis by Alfred Corn
"On the Medusa of Leonardo" Shelley's poem
Ekphrasis - Wikipedia

On conceptual art:
UbuWeb Anthology of Conceptual Writing
Conceptual art - Wikipedia