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Selections from Hildegard

We will concentrate our discussions on the following sections:

1. Letter to Bernard of Clairvaux

5. The Trinity

13. The First Version of the Play of the Virtues

20. The Cosmic Egg

21. The Cosmos

23. Songs from Symphonia

25. The Iron Mountain

27. The Seven Vices and Virtues

31. A Vision of Love

A recording of songs from Symphonia:

Aurelius & the Confessional Life

Consider how the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius express the 5 elements of the Confessional Life as outlined by Prof. H. Mark Roelofs (NYU):

  1. a condition of isolation in a universal context
  2. an intense inward effort to stay alive (i.e. to affirm life)
  3. an attempt to identify that ground of existence which will not give way and from which one need not retreat
  4. an ethic: to be and do the right thing with an awareness of one's finitude in a universal context
  5. a faith, as opposed to knowledge, which makes life livable in the face of the unknowable