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Brilliant Minds - Fall 2011

Here's our reading list for Fall 2011:

  • Confucius: The Analects, trans. 
Dawson (Oxford) 
  • Petronius: The Satyricon, trans. Walsh (Oxford) 
  • Fielding: Tom Jones, ed. Bender (Oxford) 
  • Shakespeare: Othello, ed. McDonald (Pelican) 
  • Mill: On Liberty, ed. Ryan (Penguin) 
  • Turgenev: Fathers and Sons, trans. Freeborn (Oxford) 
  • Wharton: The House of Mirth, ed. Banta (Oxford) 
  • Murdoch: The Sea, The Sea, ed. Kinzie (Penguin) 
  • Franzen: The Corrections (Picador)

You can download a printable PDF version here:  Download BMF2011_List