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Tale of Genji reading selections

Our reading selections should track the Penguin abridged edition translated by Royall Tyler. If you have the Tyler edition, just read it as any other novel.

Otherwise, here is a practical approach I suggest: For every Chapter listed below as "Complete" please read the entire chapter, for those "slightly abridged" I suggest you read as much as possible, for those listed as "abridged" you might skim, and for those omitted, you may skip.


1 (abridged)

2 Complete

3 (omit)

4 (slightly abridged)

5 Complete

6 (omit)

7 Complete

8 Complete

9 (abridged)

10 Complete

11 (omit)

12 (abridged)

13 (slightly abridged)

14 (slightly abridged)

15 (omit)

16 (omit)

17 Complete