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Listening and watching

If you'd like to hear selections of the Rig Veda in Sanskrit, Agamemnon in Ancient Greek, and the Mabinogion in Welsh, here is a link for each:

Rig Veda, Purusha

Agamemnon, Parodos and Hymn to Zeus

Mabinogion, Pwyll Pendefig Dyfed

And some additional resources for the Mabinogion:

An excellent animated version of selections - "Mabinogi" on Youtube

Welsh pronunciation of names - Chwedloniaeth Gymreig

More on pronunciations from CSANA

Reading selections for Mabinogion and 1001 Nights

For our upcoming sessions, please focus your readings on:

The first four stories of the Mabinogion - Pwyll Lord of Dyved, Branwen Daughter of Llyr, Manawydan Son of Llyr, and Math Son of Mathonwy

For the 1001 Nights, we will focus on the stories covering the Prologue and Nights 1-38. If you're feeling ambitious, continue with Nights 153-69, and add the story of Ali Baba.