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Ithaca and the journey home

The Odyssey is a nostos, the story of a hero's return. To get home, Odysseus must journey through the underworld. That particular journey is called the nekyia, and is a key element in the structure of an epic.

As we began to discuss and query in class: just where is home for Odysseus? Where is the Ithaca of Homer's Odyssey. Here are a few resources on that question, including some maps to supplement those included in your book.

Ithaca, generally:

Homer's Ithaca:

Geography of the Odyssey:

A wealth of links on the geography, as surmised from the 12th Century to 2010:

The mystery continued at Odysseus Unbound:

My personal favorite: The Authoress of the Odyssey, Samuel Butler's theory:

An interactive map:

A map of Homeric Greece: