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The Overstory -- Links and Resources

Hello Everyone,

Here are links to related to our recent discussion on The Overstory including various references I made during our session. Hope you find them useful. More to follow over the weekend ...

Yves Bonnefoy, Poetry and Photography (about how photography relates to change and time)

Yggdrasil (the mythological World Tree)

The Peregrine by J.A. Baker (a masterpiece of writing about the natural world)

The Antelope Wife by Louise Erdrich (a novel structured through linking stories of individual characters over time, including Windigo Dog)

Homer (one of the most epic of all epic similes -- from the Iliad)
Just as is the generation of leaves, so also is that of men.
Some leaves the wind spills to the ground, but others the burgeoning wood grows anew, and the springtime comes again. Thus one generation of men grows, another passes away.
(Il. 6.146–49)

The Homecoming (the glass of water - at about 3 minutes into the clip)