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Brilliant Minds - Book List - Spring 2024

Brilliant Minds - Book list - Fall 2023

Here is the book list for the upcoming Brilliant Minds - Fall 2023 semester:

Cicero, The Nature of the Gods, trans. P.G. Walsh (Oxford)

ISBN: 9780199540068

Plutarch, A Selection of Eight Roman Lives, trans. Robin Waterfield (Oxford)

ISBN: 9780199537389

Margery Kempe, The Book of Margery Kempe, trans. Anthony Bale (Oxford) 

ISBN: 9780199686643

Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, eds. Mowat & Wresting (Folger) 

ISBN: 9780743482745

George Sand, Indiana, trans. Sylvia Raphael (Oxford) 

ISBN: 9780199540488

Robert Gl├╝ck, Margery Kempe, intro. Colm Toibin (NYRB Classics)

ISBN: 9781681374314

Jokha Alharthi, Celestial Bodies, trans. Marilyn Booth (Catapult)

ISBN: 9781948226943 

These editions can be found and purchased through to support independent bookstores, or Amazon on the sidebar. We receive a small commission on purchases made through our lists and affiliate links.