Key Dates related to Antony and Cleopatra

Here are some key dates related to our reading of Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra:

Antony (83 - 30 BCE)

Cleopatra (69 - 30 BCE)


Second Triumvirate

Augustus (63 BCE - 14 CE)

Antony (83 - 30 BCE)

Lepidus (c.88 - 12 BCE)


Pompey (67 - 35 BCE)


Battle of Actium (31 BCE)

Antony & Cleopatra vs. Octavian


First Triumvirate (60 - 53 BCE)

Julius (100 - 44 BCE)

Crassus (115 -53 BCE)

Pompey (106 - 48 BCE)


Battle of Philippi (42 BCE)

Antony & Octavian vs. Brutus & Cassius


Virgil (70 - 19 BCE)

Ovid (43 BCE - 17/18 CE)

Plutarch (46 - c.119 CE)

Thomas North trans. Plutarch’s Lives (1579) 


Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)

The Tragedie Anthonie and Cleopatra (1607)

First Folio (1623)


Elizabeth I (1533 -1603)

James VI & I (1566 - 1625)

Sunday Q&A - 9/20 & Additional links

Here is a Sunday Q&A recording and a few additional links related to our reading of Ovid--

Audio recording for our recent Sunday Q&A - 9/20

Two great books on Roman religion:

Scheid, An Introduction to Roman Religion

Beard, Religions of Rome

A novel imagining Ovid's life in exile:

Malouf's, An Imaginary Life

Resources on Ovid

Here are a few resources we've collected on Ovid along the way. A few more likely to follow.

Bernini's Apollo and Daphne

Golding's translation of Ovid in multiple versions to access

Latin audio of the Metamorphoses


Reading Selections for Ovid

Our first session of the Fall Semester is coming up! These are recommended selections, the "not to be missed" sections that will form the basis for our class discussions of Ovid's Metamorphoses. Prioritize reading the complete books noted below in boldface. If you have time for more reading, read the selected stories from the other books as noted. Of course, read straight through if you have the time and inclination. References are to the new, annotated Rolfe Humphries editions (Indiana UP).

Book One, complete

Book Two, The Story of Phaeton; The Story of Raven; Europa

Book Three, complete

Book Four, The Story of Pyramus and Thisbe; The End of Cadmus; The Story of Perseus

Book Six, complete

Book Seven, The Story of Jason and Medea

Book Eight, The Story of Daedalus and Icarus; The Calydonian Boar; The Story of Baucis and Philemon

Book Nine, The Story of Hercules, Nessus, and Deianira; The Story of Hercules' Birth

Book Ten, complete

Book Eleven, The Death of Orpheus; The Story of Midas; The Building of the Walls of Troy; The Story of Thetis

Book Twelve, The Invasion of Troy; Story of the Battle with the Centaurs

Book Thirteen, complete

Book Fourteen, The Deification of Aeneas; Legendary History of Rome; Pomono and Vertumnus

Book Fifteen, complete

Readings in Mythology

As we approach reading Ovid's Metamorphoses for Brilliant Minds this Fall, here are links to some background reading on Greek mythology:

Roberto Calasso, The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony

Jean-Pierre Vernant, The Universe, Gods, and Men

Timothy Gantz, Early Greek Myth (2 volumes)

Robert Graves, The Greek Myths

Edith Hamilton, Mythology

Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne (Artsy)

Picasso Prints, "Myths, Minotaurs, and Muses" (Philadelphia Museum of Art)