More links for Gwendolyn Brooks

Library of Congress interview 1986

Lincoln Academy interview 1977

A 1967 interview with Gwendolyn Brooks

Gwendolyn Brooks reads her poems aloud (including "The Mother")

Gwendolyn Brooks Reading (intro poem by Haki R. Madhubuti)

"The Golden Shovel," Terrance Hayes

Introduction: The Golden Shovel

Roy DeCarava at MOMA

Gordon Parks Foundation

Bruce Davidson, East 100th Street

The Sweet Flypaper of Life (Roy DeCarava and Langston Hughes)

Sunday Q&A 7/5 and more on Kelman

Hi all, here is the audio of our Q&A in which we discussed Kelman, with video clips, copied below, and concluded with a discussion on McCarthy.

Sunday Q&A audio

Kelman interview and reading:

Keep in mind that Kelman often writes a stream of consciousness with the shape of thought. An influence is Samuel Beckett. See this clip of Beckett's "Not I" with comments by actor Billie Whitelaw: