Sunday Q&A - 7/12 - and resources for Flights

Sunday Q&A - 7/12/2020 audio


Poems referenced:

Ithaka, Cavafy

Ulysses, Tennyson

Canto 26, Inferno, Dante


Olga Tokarczuk video/interviews:


Flights - print reviews:

New Yorker

NY Times

The Guardian

Washington Post


Some Context for Kelman

If you're struggling a bit with James Kelman's, That Was a Shiver, these articles and videos provide some context:

A review from The Guardian

Article and Interview, also The Guardian

TEDx talk about Scots language and experience

Gang culture in Glasgow

On the role of race and ethnicity in gang membership, see this article Changing Course

On a lighter note, two language oriented comedy sketches:

Elevator Recognition

Pub Patter

More on Gilgamesh

Here is a link to another Gilgamesh translation, well worth comparing, and which I have used in the past: Kovacs translation.

For a study of the extensive influence of Gilgamesh, see: Gilgamesh among Us: Modern Encounters with the Ancient Epic. There doesn't seem to be a paperback version available, but there is a Kindle edition.

Gilgamesh was onstage in DC this Summer, here is an account: DC Theatre Scene based on Gilgamesh: A Verse Play (Wesleyan Poetry Series) by  Pulitzer winner Yuself Komunyakaa.